JLL Expanding Its Territory

October 18, 2016

Not to be stopped, JLL has made the decision to create expansive partnerships with real estate companies in parts of Canada that are in three regions outside of its realm of operations.

Saskatchewan is served by ICR Commercial real estate, Manitoba by Capital Commercial Real Estate Services Inc., and Atlantic Canada by Partners Global Corporate Real Estate. JLL’s work leaves fingerprints across the globe.

In nearly 300 corporate offices and nearly 100 countries, sporting a workforce over 60,000 strong, JLL is a powerhouse. It supplies real estate outsourcing and management for four billion square feet of property, and made nearly $140 billion last year. The new partners will increase JLL’s service capacities, and increase its brand footprint.

Capital operates out of Winnipeg, offering a wide variety of sales: investment property, retail, and industrial (including leasing). It also supplies development services and property management services.

Saskatchewan’s largest private real estate company, ICR, started in 1993. It serves markets of various sizes, also working from Regina and Saskatoon. It’s staff numbers don’t compare with those of Capital, but it still deals with over $2 billion worth of real estate. The firm’s forte is in leasing and selling commercial real estate. It is renowned for masterful repurposing work and commercial development.

Only 13 years old, Partners Global hails from Halifax, but has sprouted offices in Saint John’s (from where it also serves Newfoundland), Fredericton, and Moncton. Its leasing experience in commercial office space has dealt with over six million square feet, and in sales, it’s generated in excess of $100 million. Its services include: sales, leasing, site selection, and tenant and build-to-suit advisory services.

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