North America Energy Outlook

November 10, 2016

We are pleased to present you with the 2016 edition of JLL’s North American Energy Outlook!

For the fourth year running, JLL has led the commercial real estate industry in providing in-depth and actionable content sourced from our deep bench of research and brokerage professionals. In the face of global uncertainty, JLL’s expertise is needed more than ever to help navigate you through troubled waters.

This year’s Energy Outlook kicks off with a fresh look at global macroeconomic trends and a conversation on the recovery timeline to expect once oil prices stabilize. Structural changes are currently redefining the energy industry, and the net effect on property markets is then discussed, with a focus on the performance of office and industrial inventories in energy-centric cities. Not surprisingly, the word “sublease” comes up once or twice.

Emerging methods for reducing occupancy costs outside traditional sublease arrangements are also featured, which may benefit companies attempting to offload excess space. New this year is a deep dive into the world of renewable energy and how it may or may not influence the health of real estate markets today and into the future. Lastly, the trends, deals and fundamentals being seen throughout the United States and Canada are presented on pages dedicated to each of the energy-centric markets.

On behalf of the entire JLL Research team, please enjoy the 2016 Energy Outlook!

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