Status of Bakken Industrial Real Estate

February 1, 2016

Mike Elliott is based out of Denver, Colorado, but on an almost weekly basis, he travels to major shale play locations. Texas, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania are often on his itinerary. But for other oil clientele who are still curious about the plays, he goes to Calgary.

He is in charge of a distinctive team of real estate gurus who have a strong understanding of the energy space–a combination, Elliot says, which can be difficult to find. His team at Energy Real Estate Solutions offers nearly every service in the field of real estate, on behalf of energy service companies, ranging from site management to research. Elliott’s experts developed and dusted off, a timeline for shale play development which finds similarities between the myriad US shale plays.

Photo by Stròlic Furlàn

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Elliot and his team, ERES now boasts a dominating 80 percent market share over the competition. The future of Bakken’s industry, and consequently, Bakken itself, is looking brighter than ever.

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