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At JLL, the foundation of our service are the strength and depth of our commercial real estate specialists. By drawing on years of direct experience across the Calgary and Canada, our agents possess a thorough understanding of the industry and their specific markets.

Lease Negotiations

We realize that a deal does not end at finding a location and settling on rental terms, but that a commercial lease should suit your long term business plans. We have the in-house resources to help clients fully negotiate a favorable lease that will place your business or asset in the right long or shot term solution. 

Building Owner User Sales

We work with both owner/user purchasers intending to occupy the building upon the purchase of a property and sellers looking to dispose of the property. JLL’s intention is to deliver solid advice to clients regarding the upside of property ownership combined with the requirements of each owner’s specific business requirements or the right price to sell your asset to maximize value. Our sales strategy considers local market knowledge and historical trends to support both the purchase and sale of property for Owner-User groups.

Landlord Representation – Lease Disposition

At JLL we strategize with our clients to obtain the maximum property value available in the marketplace while meeting any operational objectives and budgetary expectations. We will complete a property positioning analysis and explain the strengths and weaknesses of the opportunity relative to competition in the market. Combining our understanding of landlord requirements with current and relevant market conditions, we help you achieve your leasing objectives. We have the experience, knowledge and resources to market your property in the most efficient way to secure the right tenants at effective rates for any space.

Land Leases

If a land sale is not ideal, we help landowners lease their property to the right user. We develop marketing and sales solutions for our clients by through our knowledge of comparable land lease transactions and by leveraging existing client relationships. Through these avenues we uncover potential tenants and negotiate to ensure optimal leasing value.

Due Diligence

We assist our clients in all aspects of creating industrial real estate solutions. We coordinate the completion of Real Property Reports, building inspections, environmental audits, and tenant improvements to name a few. We also assist in the design and construction coordination of new buildings and expansions, for both investor/developers and owner/occupiers.

Investment Sales

We take time to understand all aspects to your property and what makes it unique in order to secure the right buyer at the optimal investment sale price. With industry expertise and access to investment experts who specialize in this specific sector we provide reliable proforma building, marketing techniques, sophisticated deal-structuring, and investor intelligence. We conduct market analysis, source sale comparables complete investor return analysis, and underwriting to assist in the purchase and sale of investment properties.

Lease Renewals

If a business chooses not to re-locate, a lease renewal extends the term of an existing lease agreement between the landlord and the tenant. We re-negotiate the most favorable terms on the renewal or extension of a lease to ensure your company receives the full benefits available which could include market rental rates, landlord’s work or tenant improvement allowance funds along with other benefits.

Tenant Representation

With a long history of representing both tenants and landlords, we understand what motivates both sides in a successful lease negotiation. We get to know you, your business and your long term strategic goals and apply up-to-date real estate insight and research, long standing industry relationships and local market expertise to source the right space on the most favorable terms possible. We will source potential options, coordinate the property tour, draft/submit Request For Proposals on your behalf, and negotiate the best-fit solution for you.

Land Sales

Our goal is to help land owners sell their property for the highest value in the most efficient amount of time within our industrial market. We develop marketing and sales solutions for our clients by leveraging a key understanding of development strategies, market trends and help clients through proformas that make the most sense for their business and investment. Through our long-standing industry relationships and knowledge of the daily movement within our marketplace, we uncover potential investor/developer and owner/occupier buyers and negotiate terms that ensure optimal value.

Design & Build

Knowledge is power. With our local market experience we are able to source the right piece of land, the right builder and assist in every design detail. We can guide you from start to finish.